Be a part of the coffee startup
Here at COFYZ we offer our guests new experience: coffee making skill, individual approach and care of every cup. And that`s not just words.
Coffee, service and IT
The COFYZ is the place where an excellent coffe, responsive service and pleasant ambience combined with high-technology — the order via app gives the guest the complete freedom to customise the drink personaly by himself.
More about COFYZ
Why working at COFYZ is so cool?
Effective training and development opportunities
Some people come to us without any work experience, but within six months they become super profs at making delicious coffee. Every newbie has the opportunity to grow to the position of senior barista. With the possibility of training newcomers to your own team in the future, in case you desire. But the most important thing is to enjoy interacting with people from the very beginning.
Motivated team and start-up spirit
Each of us isn't just doing our own job, but really influencing the development of the entire coffee network. Interaction with the client goes through the application, which we constantly improve. In three years we have opened six coffee shops in Riga, but this is just the beginning of our journey. We want to grow up COFYZ into something global, coming from little Latvia. This mission charges every single member of the team and pushes to the great results every day.
Clear system of payment, development and growth

We want the barista to work with us for a long time. That's why we created a career path map, which increases the hourly rate over time, adds bonuses and carries out new interesting tasks.
High bar for quality and stability of coffee drinks

There is a slim chance that you have ever worked in a coffee shop where the same attention is paid to the espresso cup at every stage of its preparation. We measure and monitor many indicators during the preparing process to ensure consistency of the taste for our guests. And this is an extremely interesting process for a barista who wants to succeed in the coffee industry.
Terms and conditions of work
We are constantly evolving to make the barista's work in the coffee shop more comfortable
  • All coffee shops in the center of Riga
  • Flexible shifts. Possibility to combine work and study.
  • Official employment with paid holidays and sick leaves
  • Paid tuition
  • Special prices for drinks and merchandise of the coffee shop
  • Payment from 4€ to 6€ per hour (gross)
  • Various bonuses, which we will tell you about at the interview
Your journey to barista of COFYZ
  • 1
    A CV, we can learn the most important thing about you
  • 2
    Phone interview: to find out the most important points and answer to your questions (5 minutes)
  • 3
    Face-to-face interview and short test (50-60 minutes)
  • 4
    Communication skills test shift (4-6 hours)
  • 5
    Signing the contract
  • 6
    Paid training: internship with an experienced trainer
    (2 weeks)
Each of us does not just do his own job, but really influencing the development of the entire coffee network.
  • Vladimir
    Leading everyone forward
  • Samuil
    Responsible for the drinks
  • Edvin
    Trains the baristas
  • Vicrotia
    Ensures the smooth running of coffee shops
  • Martin
    Introduces technological
  • Aleksei
    Manages coffee shops and signs documents
  • Olesya
    Responsible for the food
  • Ekaterina
    Develops the brand
  • Karina
    Senior barista at a coffee shop on Barona str.
  • Sasha
    Senior barista in a coffee shop on Brieža str.
  • Anya
    Senior barista at a coffee shop on Čaka str.
  • It can be your photo in here!
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